Dear customers, know that we are open for business and ready to welcome you with open arms! Whether you wish to benefit from our jewellery appraisal services and expertise, or profit from our jewellery, gold, gemstone, and silverware buyback services, Morrier-Montréal will welcome you, preferably by appointment, with all the professionalism, experience, and know-how that you need. Rest assured that all sanitary measures remain implemented throughout our offices in order to protect you and our staff from COVID-19. See you soon!


MORRIER-MONTRÉAL, operated by a reputable gemmologist/appraiser offers a wide range of products and services in terms of diamonds, gems and jewellery, in Montréal: appraisal, buying and selling, making of custom-designed jewellery, etc.

MORRIER-MONTRÉAL’s cutting edge knowledge and technology are the result of a solid education, an extensive training and 30 years of experience in the diamond and jewellery industry.

MORRIER-MONTRÉAL, allows you to enjoy the benefits of a vast international network of exclusive professionals developed over many years and a direct access to a team of experts.


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