MORRIER-MONTRÉAL office will be closed from June 24 to August 9 2024. The online calendar, on the CONTACT page, is available for booking during the holidays. We will be happy to return early August and wish you a wonderful summer!


MORRIER-MONTRÉAL, operated by a reputable gemmologist/appraiser offers a wide range of products and services in terms of diamonds, gems and jewellery, in Montréal: appraisal, buying and selling, making of custom-designed jewellery, etc.

MORRIER-MONTRÉAL’s cutting edge knowledge and technology are the result of a solid education, an extensive training and 30 years of experience in the diamond and jewellery industry.

MORRIER-MONTRÉAL, allows you to enjoy the benefits of a vast international network of exclusive professionals developed over many years and a direct access to a team of experts.


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